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Classical 101

Marketing the Arts...What NOT To Do

Selling the Arts in America

As we all know, Arts organizations world-wide are facing enormous fiscal pressure.  The publishing landscape is similarly pockmarked, as books, magazines,  and newspapers are increasingly replaced by electronic versions.  Impressing upon an ever-fragmented society the need for and importance of arts and culture in today's world takes some creativity...however, Raisin Brahms probably won't do the job. Alec Baldwin, whose stint on 30 Rock has given him a platform for addressing a number of issues, has used it in support of Public Radio, classical music, and others.  So while Raisin Brahms is a cute idea, I don't believe it compelled anyone to check out the 21 Hungarian Dances Brahms wrote.  However, when a public figure, such as Alec Baldwin or Beyonce (below) speak on behalf of the arts, music in schools, and culture, people listen. What do you think?  Can these types of things make a difference? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnQMkrMSakc&NR

Music critic giving readers a reason to care about Curtis

“Her desire was that everyone should have the chanceâ€? Eleanor Sokoloff, Piano Faculty, about Mrs.Curtis Bok

Peter Dobrin is music critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer.  He has produced a series of articles about Curtis Institute, which has been training musicians for nearly 90 years.  In these difficult times for the arts, Curtis is thriving.  Maybe we can learn something from them about music education in a modern world. Read Curtis is playing to the world, and thriving (Philly.com) See one family with three children in Curtis (Philly.com)

Pop singer Tori Amos writes/records music based on classical themes for Deutsche Gramophon

Tori Amos says there was one big reason she was kicked out of Peabody...she had a bad attitude.  She wanted to be a composer, but her instructors told her that "female composers in the classical world didn’t do very well. It was a boys’ club."  Now, she has released a recording of music based on classical themes for classical label Deutshe Grammophon. Hear Tori Amos talk about her recording Night of Hunters http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjenQK4HpeY&