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Classical 101

Can't Carry a Tune? You Can Still Be a Musician!

Ge Wang, founder of Smule (and creator of laptop orchestras and mobile phone orchestras), thinks everyone should be able to make music.  Want to play a trombone?  Done.  Piano?  No problem.  Fiddle?  Ocarina?  A few taps and you're there.  No, you're not inserting a chip into your brain and becoming the next Anne-Sophie Mutter...the i-Phone is making musicians out of mere mortals. Read The Machine that Makes You Musical (NY Times) Watch Ge Wang Explain his Musical Programs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADEHmkL3HBg

Beauty Is In the Ear of the Beholder

Speaking of can't carry a tune, one aspiring musician's  story continues to fascinate.

Florence Foster Jenkins' self-produced Carnegie Hall recital must have been something akin to watching a train wreck. You know disaster is imminent, but you can't stop watching.

Her story is now being told by someone who found it more difficult to sing badly than to sing beautifully...Linda Dorff.  Souvenir, a CATCO-Phoenix production, runs this Wednesday through Dec. 11 at the Riffe Center’s Studio Two Theatre. Read Deluded Diva Lovably Pathetic (Dispatch)

Do Your Parents Musical Passions Shape Your Own?

Music was part of my life from the first moment I remember.  Singing in choir, clarinet and piano lessons, stereo playing almost constantly...but did our parent's musical taste influence our own? Read Music to Grow Up By (Guardian)