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The Charioteers of Ben-Hur

The swashbuckling Ancient Roman epic Ben-Hur is almost certain to occupy a place on any list of the ten most iconic American-made films. If its length (nearly three-and-a-half hours), its cast of thousands, its budget ($15 million 1959 dollars), or the double-digit string (11) of Academy awards it won don't convince you, then maybe its lavish spectacle and its brilliant musical score will. The Hungarian-born Miklós Rózsa composed the score, which won one of those 11 Oscars, and which contains some of the most adrenaline-laden moments in all of film music literature. One of those great musical moments is The March of the Charioteers, now well known as a stand-alone piece for the concert hall and airwaves.  The video clip above melds this stunning music with spectacle and action into a satisfying dramatic whole. And never fear - I've left the chariot racing to your imagination.