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Classical 101

Composer Offers a Different Finish to Mozart's Requiem

Composer Completes Requiem From a 21st-Century Perspective

Don't care for the Sussmayr version?  Not interested in the unfinished original? A Southampton University professor has (re)completed the Mozart Requiem, 220 years after the composer's death. Read Southampton Composer Completes Mozart's Requiem (BBC)

Mozart Sonatas Surface at Charity Auction

A volunteer for the British arm of the charity Oxfam found a rare published edition of Mozart sonatas publish when the then eight-year-old was visiting London.  The rare manuscript was found in a box of sheet music which had been donated for auction.  Now the donor says it was donated by mistake and wants it back. Read Mozart Sheet Music Found in Oxfam Withdrawn from Auction (BBC)

Russia Rocked by Bolshoi Revolution

What do bananas and ballet have in common?  Plenty, as a change of venue by the Bolshoi Ballet leaves the ballet world stunned.

As the Bolshoi Theatre stage reopened after a six-year renovation, the world's most famous ballet company is losing it's two top dancers.

The Mikhailovsky Theatre in St. Petersburg was taken over by tycoon Vladimir Kekhman, who made his fortune importing fruit to Russia and has been dubbed "The Banana Oligarch."  He is pouring millions into the Mikhailovsky, and has lured  Natalia Osipova and Ivan Vasiliev to its' stage. Read Russia Rocked by Bolshoi Revolution (The Independent)