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Airline Travel Headaches Mount for Musicians

Airline Cites Security Concerns in Initial Decision

Scandinavia’s second largest airline has postponed a decision to ban cellos from its cabins after an uproar from Norway’s musical community.  Aussie musicians not so lucky. Read Reprieve for Norwegian Cellists After Airline Feud (Gramophone.co.uk)

Violinist Says Trickery May be Answer to Musicians' Travel Woes

Violinist Lara St. John has her share of travel horror stories.  She has devised a set of tongue-in-cheek tips for keeping your instrument close by while you fly. Read Tricks for Getting Your Violin on a Plane (sauriansaint.wordpress.com)

Seven Ways NOT to Handle Travel Issues

While most of us try to be civil while dealing with airline security issues, problems with accommodations, and disappearing reservations, here are a few tips on what NOT to do. Read You Can't Take Them Anywhere (U.S. News)