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Another Musical Mutiny?

Key Musicians of the KBS Symphony Have Either Walked Out Or Been Dismissed

You might recall a recent revolt by musicians in after years of dealing with what could be politely termed an "impossible" conductor.  (Musicians Reach Boiling Point With Abusive Conductor)  Another orchestra is experiencing a similar meltdown, but for a different reason.

During rehearsals when the tune is off, the conductor doesn't know. Many say (he) can't tell an oboe from a French horn.

Now that acrimony is showing up in performances. Read South Korean Orchestra, Conductor Strike Discordant Note (LA Times blog) Watch the KBS Symphony play Bernstein's Candide Overture http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKFBvoQqhBk

First Foreign Dancer Named the Bolshoi's Premier Dancer

Twenty nine-year-old David Hallberg, from Rapid City, South Dakota, starts his season in Moscow on 4 November. Watch his conversation with the BBC (First Person: David Hallberg And The Bolshoi)

To Sit In, Or Not to Sit In?  A Musical Perspective

John Montanari has, for 30 years, been sharing the joys of classical music with listeners to New England Public Radio.  Now, in the wake of recent sit-ins, protests, occupations, and dismissals, John shares his thoughts on where and when one should sit in and why. How far would you go in protest or support of something you believe in? Read Which Musical Institutions Should We Occupy? (New England Public Radio)