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The Columbus Symphony's Susan Rosenstock

Susan Rosenstock is a good friend to have and she's a great friend for anyone immersed in the arts in Central Ohio. Since 1978 Susan has been with the Columbus Symphony, most recently as General Manager.  At the end of October she begins a  self-requested  change of status. Gone will be the relentless every day,  all day work of insuring the great concerts continue to go off without a hitch. A new life beckons with part-time involvement and more time for home, hearth and travel. I spoke to Susan a few weeks ago. We were long past due featuring a conversation with this quintessential arts administrator. Do you want to know how to lasso and love a large orchestra, conductors, administrators and sometimes a chorus into giving a seamless performance for the public? Listen to my visit with Susan Rosenstock. I wish her every happiness. She won't be far away from the orchestra she has served so well since 1978. We are buddies, colleagues ("What cable? I'm not paying for any cable!") and neighbors ("I hate that Kroger! Do you go to that Kroger?").   She'll be on hand to show the rest of us how its done-but with more time now for "my house" and the Finger Lakes region we both love.