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Allegations of Fraud and Embezzlement Taint Bolshoi Re-Opening

One of music's best-known venues re-opens under taint of scandal

Would you pay $390,000 for a seat in the theater?  Maybe if Tchaikovsky himself were to conduct one of his symphonies, or Beethoven had been booked to perform the Emperor Concerto.  Otherwise...doubtful.  Well, that's what it cost to restore and update the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, a figure which has triggered allegations of fraud and embezzlement. Read Bolshoi Theatre to reopen amid fraud probe (CBC News)

Getting noticed in the music biz: buy your own record review

In a recent blog by Norman Lebrecht, he printed verbatim a solicitation received by a composer/friend of his. Read How to buy a record review (Slipped Disc)

Liszt's 200th...Should we be celebrating?

On the eve of the 200th birth-anniversary of Franz Liszt, pianist and author Kenneth Hamilton asked if Liszt's music was good enough to warrant all the hoopla.  What do you think? Read Still Wondering If Liszt Was Any Good (NY Times)