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Classical 101

Yuja Wang Set to Make Carnegie Hall Debut

Pianist Hopes People Focus More On Her Music and Less On Her Outfit

Yuja Wang made waves in the world of classical music by displaying her jaw-dropping technique while wearing a jaw-dropping dress.  On the eve of her Carnegie Hall debut, she hopes concertgoers focus more on what she plays than what she wears. Read The Fast and the Serious (Wall Street Journal)

Does Classical Music By Any Other Name Sound As Sweet?

We all love to label things.  It helps us categorize music, writing, art, food, all aspects of our lives.  Sometimes, though, labels can turn people off before they even try something.  There is a movement afoot to call classical music anything but... Read Just Don't Call It Classical (San Francisco Classical Voice)

I'll Take An Order of Handel to Go

Years ago, Scott Kirby made music in the streets of New Orleans.  Seeing street musicians in New Orleans isn't anything out of the ordinary...that is, unless they play a piano.  He pushed his upright piano, which he had mounted on special wheels, up and down the streets of the French Quarter playing ragtime for whomever would listen.  He no longer does that, but someone else has now decided that taking music to the streets, even if the instrument isn't very portable, is a good idea. Daria van den Bercken has taken this idea to the next level.  She mounted her German-made Sauter piano on a trailer, which she played recently as she was pulled through the streets of Amsterdam.  She stopped occasionally to play for small groups of passersby. Watch Daria van den Bercken's Traveling Concert http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2JVtisOnNA