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Happy 200th Franz Liszt!

Celebrating the Birth of One of Classical Music's Early "Rock Stars"

By all accounts, Franz Liszt was an amazing showman.  It's no wonder we read stories of women fawning over him, following him down the street, and picking up any little souvenir he happened to drop.  (One young lady is said to have worn one of his discarded cigar butts in a locket around her neck, so the story goes.) Fred Child takes a look at the man behind the myth and legend on Performance Today...today at 5pm on Classical 101. Along with that, John Rittmeyer has orchestral selections by Liszt each evening as part of his Symphony@7 hour.  Both of Liszt's Piano Concertos, Les preludes, and Liszt's Faust Symphony are on the schedule. Read more at Performance Today (PT.com)

Nobody Plays Liszt Like Victor Borge

What can I say about the comic and musical genius of Borge that hasn't already been said?  Here he is with a piano-four-hand (and several other body parts) arrangement of Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody #2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aajtw30-YG0

Mitsuko Uchida's Star Shines On

Mitsuko Uchida is not a morning person.  “Normally I refuse to meet people for lunch. It interrupts the day. I’m very slow at waking up and it might be some time before I sit down at the piano. The day flies. If a genie were to come and offer me anything I wanted, the only thing I’d ask for is more time.â€? I think all of us would like more time to listen to the magic that flows through her fingers.  Andrew Clark of the Financial Times was granted a lunch date with the ageless pianist. Read Lunch with Mitsuko Uchida (Financial Times)