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What Are the Met's Finances Really Like?

At the Risk of Stepping on Christopher Purdy's Toes, Today's News Headlines Have a Vocal Flavor...

What Kind of Financial Shape is the Met Really In?

There is a story in today's  New York Times which states the Metropolitan Opera just completed it's largest fund raiser ever...$182,000,000.  (NY Times)  The venerable institution also finished the fiscal year in the black for the first time in seven years.  According to Norman Lebrecht, however, things may not be as rosy as they appear. Read What's the Full Financial Situation at the Met? (artsjournal.com)

From Domingo to Schwarzkopf: The Fraught Inner Life of a Singer

When any musician walks onstage, everyone in the theatre is focused on them.  The life of a musician...traveling, performing, signing autographs, seems so glamorous.  According to one writer, however, what happens when the curtain drops may be something completely different.  One famous singer/conductor wrote an angry letter to the Washington Post after a bad review. Read The Fraught Inner Life of a Singer (David Patrick Stearns)

Mozart Meets Marimba

Do you ever find yourself thinking, I'm not going to go see (fill in the blank)...I've heard that so many times?"  You may want to reconsider if Impempe Yomlingo comes to town.  Impempe Yomlingo is Mozart's Magic Flute performed in English and Xhosa.  Australia's Melbourne Festival describes it this way: "Thirty South African performers stage a stunning music-theatre adaptation of Mozart's greatest operatic work: an explosion of choral song, marimbas, drums and township-style percussion celebrating the spirit of contemporary Africa." Impempe Yomlingo is currently playing in Melbourne, but hopefully will hit theatres in our neck of the woods. Read Mozart Magic Meets African Brilliance (The Independent) Watch a trailer  of Impempe Yomlingo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceKzUoeuU4w