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Norwegian Trumpeter a YouTube Sensation

The other day, I mentioned a Ukrainian pianist who was outdrawing Lang Lang on YouTube.  "So what, you say?"  Well, in this online age, YouTube is one of the most important marketing tools musicians have.  A performer can self-produce, self-publish, and become known around the world in days, even hours.  It also means that young performers who years ago would have been at the mercy of a record label or publicist can now "eliminate the middleman" and get their performances heard and seen immediately. The downside of this is that, as a sales manager of mine once said, good advertising makes bad businesses go out of business faster.  It stands to reason that hundreds of thousands or even millions of hits can destroy any career hopes a young musician may have if they are not ready. Such does not seem to be the case with a young trumpeter from Norway named Tine Thing Helseth.  She has the talent and seems ready.  Plus, it is her management company which is using the internet in a way that has her receiving millions of hits and has her ready to tour Europe, Australia, and the United States this season.  I believe you'll be hearing more from this young lady. This raises an interesting question...would you buy a ticket or recording based on something you saw on YouTube, even if you had otherwise never heard of that performer? While you mull that question, here's a performance by Ms. Helseth. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hR8H8CSojis&feature=related