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Virtual Assistant Wants Radio Gig

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7W52TL9Akv4 Dominique Garcia is a radio personality who has lived in San Antonio for most of his life.  In an effort to organize his life, he purchased a computer program which serves as a virtual assistant.  Mr. Garcia then thought it would be interesting if this program could serve as a radio announcer.  Tomorrow, virtual assistant Denise becomes DJ Denise on KROV-FM, a non-profit radio station in San Antonio.  Some radio professionals like the idea, and many do not. Read Non-human DJ gets radio gig (MSNBC.com)

 WQXR Inaugurates Ensemble-in-Residence Program

While KROV is testing virtual announcers, WQXR in New York encourages live performance, and announcing, with it's new Ensemble-in-Residence Program, which debuts next month. Read Ensemble-in-Residence: The Knights (WQXR.org)

LA Times writer begs to differ...saysYuja Wang's "little orange dress" not an issue

Earlier this month, "necks craned, tongues wagged, and flashbulbs popped" when Yuja Wang strode on-stage to play Rachmaninov wearing an "orange, thigh-grazing, body-hugging dress atop sparkly gold strappy stiletto sandals."  LA Times music critic Mark Swed said it was over the top and distracting.  Fellow LA Times writer Adam Tschorn says, maybe not. Read Classical gasp: Yuja Wang's dress at the Bowl causes a crescendo (LA Times)

 Famed conductor decided concertmaster was all wet

Klaus Tennstedt was renowned for his interpretation of Mahler.  Apparently, he also could get a bit testy when performances did not go as planned.  Norman Lebrecht is preparing to release a live broadcast recording of Tennstedt conducting Mahler's 3rd Symphony and a DVD of him conducting Mahler's 5th.  Also included is an interview Lebrecht did with Tennstedt.  However, it was the interview that Lebrecht DIDN'T get that makes for the best story! Read Why the conductor tipped a jug of water on his concertmaster’s head (Slipped Disc)