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Classical 101

2011 Music@Menlo Festival Showcases Brahms

Music@Menlo explored all sides of beloved composer

When Johannes Brahms arrived on the music scene, it was with a bang.  Music@Menlo focused this year on Brahms, those who inspired him, and those inspired by him.  Music@Menlo founders Wu Han and David Finkel, familiar names to Central Ohio audiences, make a lot of performance video available at their website.  If you love classical music, especially chamber music, and enjoy seeing music made for the sheer joy of it, Music@Menlo is a site you should bookmark. See an overview of the festival season, along with master classes, Cafe Conversations, and videos here. (musicatmenlo.org)

 Classical apps coming to a smartphone near you

If you've been bitten by the smartphone bug, here's one more thing to fill your idle time while waiting for a train or trying to look busy in a meeting. Read Classically trained apps (NY Times) Download an app designed for your iPad (iClassics.com)

Downloading music without paying?  Musicians say, enough!

Countless music fans are used to not paying for anything online. Many do not see it as theft, they see it as free. Now, though, with the rise of the smartphone, the industry is trying to fight back. Read Musicians call curtains on era of free tunes (The Australian)

Faking up recordings?  There oughta be a law!

Or so says Norman Lebrecht, at least.  In his blog Slipped Disc, Lebrecht says many musicians and ensembles can't reproduce onstage what they do on recordings. Read New law against faked-up recordings (Slipped Disc)