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Classical 101

Classical Music's Funniest Moments

Yes, even "serious" musicians enjoy making audiences laugh

Beethoven's stern visage stares at us from a shelf in the corner, his stony gaze locked in time.  He might not have taken too kindly to Peter Schickele's play-by-play take on his Fifth Symphony. However, musicians and composers have often imbued their work with humor...some subtle, some not so subtle. What are your favorite bits of musical humor?  Whether written that way by the composer, or pointed out by the likes of Schickele?  Limelight Magazine recently assembled a list of their top twelve.  See if you agree. Read The Funniest Moments in Classical Music (Limelight Magazine) Watch Dudley Moore play "Beethoven's" Bridge on the River Kwai http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GazlqD4mLvw

Peace Concert Held at Korea's DMZ

Daniel Barenboim, the world-renowned conductor and pianist, led a peace concert performed by the West -Eastern Divan Orchestra in Imjingak near Korea's Demilitarized Zone on the country's Independence Day. Read Peace Concert Held at Korea's DMZ (ABC News) ...and Barenboim's next stop could be Tahrir Square concert in Cairo Read Top conductor Barenboim mulls Tahrir Square concert in Cairo (M & C News)

Porgy and Bess survives its revisions – and sometimes thrives

David Patrick Stearns, music critic for Philadelphia Inquirer and arts reporter for WRTI-FM, says maybe it works after all.  However, he predicts producers will go back to the original ending, because it was better. Read Breaking News: Porgy and Bess survives its revisions – and sometimes thrives (ArtsJournal.com) Watch the trailer for the new production http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4rCDMeJIpw