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Nigel Kennedy: Fellow Violinists Destroying Bach's Legacy

Virtuoso Says Most Performances Stripped of Passion

Nigel Kennedy has accused the classical music establishment of failing to do justice to the legacy of the 18th-century German genius. In a broadside at fellow musicians, he said that some were sidelining Bach into "a rarefied and effete ghetto" while others were turning "philosophical masterpieces" into "shallow showpieces". Do you agree? Read Nigel Kennedy accuses fellow violinists of destroying Bach's legacy (The Guardian) Watch Nigel Kennedy plays Bach http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUk7-pCBCX8

Are Virtuosos Becoming a Dime-a-dozen?

Nigel Kennedy says virtuosity for virtuosity's sake isn't worth much if it isn't accompanied by passion.  Are some young musicians being turned into Vulcans...technically perfect performers without emotion? One example given is Kirill Gerstein, who is making the rounds in what is being billed as his "debut summer."  See what you think below. Read Virtuosos becoming a dime a dozen (NY Times) Watch Young pianist Kirill Gerstein play Shostakovich http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1FfjD-XwDY&

Musician Departures Changing the Philadelphia Orchestra

When the audience gathers for the opening of the Philadelphia Orchestra's upcoming season, things will look a bit different as key musicians bolt for more stable organizations...departures which threaten the vaunted "Philadelphia sound." Read Stream of departures threatens orchestra's sound (Philadelphia Inquirer)