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The Prestige Quartet Had 'Em Swooning

Our friends the Singing Buckeyes (www.singingbuckeyes.org) and their summer Harmony Camp were  hot topics of conversation at WOSU in the past few days. I was pleased to host Mike Renner, one of the "founding fathers" of Harmony Camp, on today's broadcast of All Sides Weekend. I asked Mike to prvide us with some music for the show. The camp and Singing Buckeyes give a huge performance at Veteran's Auditorium each summer, with 300+ singers, and I wanted to plug the event. Mike went me one better. He brought the Prestige Quartet to the WOSU studios. These four young men attend Ohio's Bowling Green State University-one has graduated-. They got together to sing in high school. The rest is, well fantastic! Oh my, didn't the mail come in fast and furious while these guys were singing. "Swooning!" "What's their phone number?!?" and "Hot!" were among the messages. The Singing Buckeyes and the Harmony Camp foster this kind of tight four part harmony. Enjoy the results! Our guys from Prestige are the kind of young men you hope your daughter brings home (they never do). If you like the Prestige Quartet, they are available. Book 'em: prestige@gmail.com Kudos to the Singing Buckeyes and Harmony Camp.