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Why Sponsor A Classical Music Series? One Investment Exec Explains

The arts have always needed patrons, be they princes or the royalty of the present day: corporate executives. Of course, companies exist to make money, so the notion of spending a chunk of the bottom line on events that likely won't enhance it is a tough sell. But David Bulteel gets it. He's the executive director of investment management at Investec Wealth and Investment. And he has nothing but praise for Investec's decision to become a sponsor of London's Opera Holland Park, according to a Bloomberg News report. In addition to the clear benefit of having Investec's brand displayed all over the festival, Bulteel says the "soft" benefit of being able to foster relationships with clients by taking them to the opera is a definite plus. And he says the sponsorship has been a boon:

It has been the most fantastic success. The response from all the clients and fund managers we’ve taken has been amazingly positive.

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