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Classical 101

Classical Music Meets Social Media

...and we ask that you make sure your cellphones are on

The "tweet-cert" held by the Pacific Symphony last month at its summer home, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, was designed to draw people like 29-year-old graphic artist Nikita Pacheco and her 33-year-old husband Jorge into classical music through the language of her generation — 140-character tweets. The Orange County orchestra encouraged audience members to please turn on their smart phones and tweet or text during the outdoor concert. Apparently, it's working. Read Classical music waltzes with digital media (LA Times)

Bravo Gustavo app gives Dudamel wannabes a chance to conduct the LA Phil

If a "tweet-cert" doesn't do it for you and you need more of a hands-on experience, the LA Phil can help. Amy Seidenwurm, 44, who earned her marketing cred promoting indie rock bands in Seattle, is the L.A. Phil's director of digital marketing. Her latest brainchild, an iPhone app called "Bravo Gustavo," has been downloaded by more than 50,000 people. See Bravo Gustavo (Gizmodo) Play the computer keyboard version HERE (LA Phil) Watch a "Baton Hero" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtXS_s-sshM

If you can play, who cares what you wear?

It seems many young concert artists are being noticed nearly as often for what they wear, as for how they play. In her blog, Life's A Pitch, Amanda Ameer says music critics may have to take a page from Hollywood's red carpet and ask "who are you wearing?" Read Does your mother know that you're out? (Life's A Pitch)