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So Your Child Wants To Be A Musician? Send Them To Michigan!

Path to musicianship goes through "that state up north"

In many Central Ohio circles, it is sacrilege to send your child to that "school up north," or to even mention it by name.  However, for musical training for young musicians, it doesn't get much better than Interlochen. Read Enterprising young musicians on the road to Interlochen (NPR) Watch Leonard Slatkin and the Interlochen Arts Academy Orchestra http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmnnE8BbxG8

Orchestra of St. Luke's gets its own home

The Orchestra of St. Luke's, a well-respected ensemble made up of some of New York's finest freelance musician's now has space in the DiMenna Center for Classical Music on Manhattan's west side... a building full of artists including Mikhail Baryshnikov and his Baryshnikov Arts Center. Read The Orch of St. Luke's: Home at last (NPR)

Favorite sounds of summer

Some of us enjoy the sound of children playing outside (when you can pry the electronics from their hands), crickets in the evening, the crack of a baseball bat, or that first sizzle when something tasty hits the grill. There is certainly music for all seasons.  What are your favorite musical sounds of summer?  NPR's Tom Huizenga explored that question. Read What are your sounds of Summer (NPR) Watch Beethoven's Scene by the brook from his 6th Symphony http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXm1OgOISv4