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Louisville Orchestra Musicians Reject Per-Service Demand

Musicians Told To Accept the Offer or Risk Losing Positions

Louisville Orchestra CEO Robert Birman sent letters to musicians outlining a per-service agreement they were expected to sign.  If implemented, the plan would reduce a staggered system in which only 40 musicians would receive the full 30 weeks of employment, with another 31 working only 10-20 weeks, depending upon need.  The musicians have rejected the plan. Read Louisville Orchestra Offer Hits Sour Note (Courier-Journal)

Czech Government fears Seizure of Loaned Strads

Czech musicians who are playing Strads loaned to them by the Czech government have been informed that they must turn them in. The Czech government is in a dispute with Diag Human, a blood plasma company, which claims the government owes them 500 million dollars.  Officials fear the instruments may be siezed as collateral if they are taken out of the country. Read Czech State Recalls Instruments (The Strad)

Lo-Tech Lovers

A friend of mine recently bought an e-book reader to use when he travels.  He is of a generation which is often assumed to not be interested in technology.  (Let's just say he's not under 60.)  I have other friends in their 20s and 30s who, though they all have cell phones, seem just as happy to read a book or newspaper, look up directions on a map, and hand you a twenty dollar bill to pay for lunch.  One reporter refers to them as Lovers of the Lo-Fi...and there are more of them than you'd think. Are you loaded down with gadgets, or do you prefer to stay disconnected? Read Lovers of the Lo-Fi (Chicago Tribune)