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YouTube Symphony Performance Breaks Record

YouTube Symphony Packs House, Breaks Online Records

When the idea for an online orchestra was first mentioned, many scoffed.  Not any more. When the YouTube Symphony presented a concert from Australia's Sydney Opera House a while back (see the entire performance), they performed before not only a packed house, but also to nearly 3 million viewers on mobile devices and online, making it the most-watched live mobile stream on record. Having now been viewed more than 30 million times, it has more than tripled the previous record holder...U-2's YouTube concert. Read Grand Finale Breaks YouTube Records (21C Media) Watch the YouTube Symphony play Roman Carnival Overture by Berlioz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYqItMmwwKE

Arts in Decline? An Age-Old Complaint, but is it True?

Every generation looks back and decries being born too late to have experienced the "golden age" of performance, composition, art, fill-in-the-blank. Do you think the Arts are  in decline?  Why or why not?  Let us hear your comments. One writer wants us to think again. Read Artists Grumble, but They Also Succeed (Globe and Mail)

Mariinsky Theatre Conductor Valery Gergiev: More Than Just a Conductor

At most ballet companies, the choreographer has the say in how things are shaped on stage.  At St. Petersburg's Mariinsky Theatre, the conductor also has a mighty strong voice. Read The Conductor's Ballet (Wall Street Journal)