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Concert Shines Spotlight on Russia's Political Prisoners

Concert Focuses International Spotlight on Russia's Political Prisoners

Former chess champion Garry Kasparov, now a politician, is in the audience.  When in his native Russia, he travels with eight bodyguards.  Here in France, he doesn't need them.  Former dissident Alex Goldfarb is there.  They are attending a performance by such musicians as cellist Mischa Maisky, violinist Gidon Kremer with his ensemble Kremerata Baltica, and others who performed to draw attention to the plight of Russia's political prisoners. Read Musicians Sound Out for Russian Prisoners (NY Times)

Who's The Best Opera Singer?

Limelight.com, a website dedicated to music, art, and culture, put together a panel of experts to decide who are today's top opera singers.  Do you have a list?  If so, leave a comment with your favorites, and then compare your choices with what Limelight came up with. Read Today's 12 Greatest Opera Singers (ABC Limelight) Here's a performance by the magazine's #1 choice, Renee Fleming. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJ-Piz27UOE

Opera Or Musical? How Can You Tell?

We tend to want things categorized...musical styles being a prime example. However, as composers and musicians break down the walls dividing one genre from another, it's becoming an increasingly difficult thing to do. Read Opera?  Musical?  Please Respect the Difference (NY Times)

Rachmaninoff an Afterthought?

In the world of classical music, it was not that long ago that, if you weren't edgy...you were out.  Passe.  Yesterday's news.  A 1974 publication called Twentieth-Century Music devoted six pages to Alban Berg, and one sentence to Sergei Rachmaninoff. American cultural historian Joseph Horowitz says that it's now time to rediscover Rachmaninoff. Read Rachmaninoff in Texas (Arts Journal)