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Why Did Rossini Take Early Retirement From Writing Operas?

Rossini Retired When Most are Just Hitting Their Stride

We all certainly know Rossini's music, especially his opera overtures.  One of his best known/loved overtures, William Tell, was also his last.  Why did he quit writing at the tender age of thirty-nine? Read The Puzzle of Rossini's Brief Career (NY Times)

Western Dance Company to Perform in Oman

The American Ballet Theatre will perform this fall at the Royal Opera House Muscat, which is the first venue of its kind in the Islamic nation of Oman. His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said "committed himself to modernizing Oman, opening to the West, and building institutions," said Mustapha Tlili, founder and director of NYU's Center for Dialogues, which was founded after Sept. 11, 2001, to encourage positive interaction with the Islamic world. Read ABT Plans Oman Visit (Wall St Journal)

Mozart Should Have Moved to Phoenix

Regardless of what was implied in Amadeus, Salieri did not kill Mozart...unless he kept him from going outside and drinking his milk. Read Lack of Vitamin D linked to Mozart's Early Death (UPI.com)

Artistic Director of Opera Australia Says Super-Sized Singers Must Go

Lyndon Terracini, the man charged with overseeing the future of opera in Australia, is trying to change the opera, one aria at a time. Read One Aria at a Time (Sydney Morning Herald)