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Morning Roundup: Should Orchestra Programs Be Made By Committee?

Putting people in the auditorium seats is one of the main goals of any arts organization.  Artistic integrity is paramount, as is making concerts more than a trip to the museum, but if no one is there to listen, what's the point? This is the balancing act that every arts organization in the country deals with on a daily basis and one with which the Philadelphia Orchestra is now trying to come to terms. All they really need to do is look backwards. The Orchestra's long-time music director, Eugene Ormandy really knew how to build an orchestra AND an audience. Here's Ormandy working to achieve the "Philadelphia Sound" : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOp6MjrBd3g

Pierre Boulez: Darth Vader's Brother?

"If there's a living deity – or ruling tyrant – in classical music, it's got to be Pierre Boulez."  So said Michael Church in the British newspaper, The Independent. While Boulez is simultaneously venerated and vilified, the truth may be somewhere in the middle.

Pittsburgh Makes a Deal, Montreal Still Negotiating

As we reported yesterday, Pittsburg Symphony Orchestra management and musicians have reached a deal on terms of a new three-year contract. There have been many well-documented dust ups between orchestra boards and their musicians, so when negotiations are finalized ahead of schedule, there is reason to rejoice. Case in point, while Pittsburgh Symphony musicians were willing to take a pay cut, Montreal Symphony musicians say the raise they're being offered is not enough.