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Classical 101

Classical Headlines: Classical 101 at the Columbus Arts Festival

A reminder to join Classical 101 today at the Columbus Arts Festival and a few classical headlines as you head into your weekend.

Classical 101 at the Columbus Arts Festival

Make sure to catch Classical 101's Jennifer Hambrick who will be broadcasting live today (Friday, June 3) from the Columbus Arts Festival. She'll be hosting a special edition of the Amadeus Deli from noon to 2 p.m featuring interviews with musicians from the ProMusica Chamber Orchestra, the Columbus Symphony, Capital University, Otterbein College, and Chamber Music Connection. Australian Chamber Orchestra Seeks Investors to Buy Rare Instruments The Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO) is seeking investors for a new fund that would give the orchestra's musicians access to rare musical instruments. This fund is meant to be attractive to investors who would benefit from the appreciating value of these instruments, like a $1.6 million Stradivarius violin that has already been purchased by the fund.

Stricter Enforcement in Central Park’s “Quiet Zonesâ€?

Public radio station WNYC reports street performers in one of the acoustically superior locations in New York City’s Central Park may need to find a new home, due to reports that the park's "Quiet Zone" rules are being more rigorously enforced.

Classical IQ: James Levine Listening Quiz

And finally for those of you who watched the PBS documentary James Levine: America’s Maestro the other evening, take this puzzler from NPR music, and make sure to leave a comment and tell us your score!