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Are Eight Legs Better Than Two? An Octopus Ballet

The Guardian's Punctuated Equilibrium blog recently published stunning high-resolution video of a so-called "Dumbo octopus" (Grimpoteuthis bathynectes) doing what octopi do - to a soundtrack of classical ballet music. http://youtu.be/fDxBVZhZZwI Never heard of a Dumbo octopus? Me neither. While the Punctuated Equilibrium blog post makes no mention of the octopus' musical taste, it does say a lot about its culinary preferences:

Little is known about these animals, but observations have revealed that benthicGrimpoteuthis species primarily consume crustaceans, worms, and bivalves. Those Dumbo species that hover over the sea floor are hunting small benthic copepods.

Lunch, anyone? Read more: Octopus ballet (guardian.co.uk)