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Mourad Merzouki: What Would Fiddy (or for that matter, Franz) Say?

No, your computer isn't upside down. That's dancer/choreographer Mourad Merzouki at work. When Merzouki was a boy, he liked to box, and he liked to dance. He explains the connection between boxing and his choreography in an article for TimeOut Hong Kong:

When I practise boxing, it’s exactly the same feeling when I dance. There’s so much similarity – in rhythm, the rapport of the body, in the movement.

The article goes on to talk about how he's combined both activities in a new hip-hop ballet Boxe Boxe, incorporating street choreography set to music by Ravel, Schubert and Gorecki and performed live by an onstage string quartet. Read More: French hip hop troupe brings classical music into the boxing ring (TimeOut Hong Kong)