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2011 Avery Fisher Career Grant

18-year-old violinist Caroline Goulding was most recently the recipient of the 2011 Avery Fisher Career Grant -- an honor she shares with famous classical music solists like Yo Yo Ma, Sarah Chang, Lynn Harrell, Midori, Joshua Bell, and Richard Stolzman. In an interview with coolcleveland.com she talks about producing her album, which was nominated for a GRAMMY nomination, and what it was like working with the Telarc record label for her debut album. They asked me to make a “fantasy list of pieces,â€? she says and then she and the label together chose from that list. They encouraged her to think outside the Classical Music box, allowing her to extend her range to Canadian fiddle music. Known for her broad violin repertoire, Goulding still says she doesn’t believe she’s mastered Canadian fiddle. Despite her nomination, Goulding didn’t make it to the GRAMMY ceremony to fulfill another music engagement. But, we expect she’ll get another opportunity.

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Here's the video interview with coolecleveland.com: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gg7gJ6ctU-I