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Classical 101

Successful? Attempts to Tame Obnoxious Plastic "Instrument"

If you watched any of the World Cup matches, you may have thought the 17-year (and every-year) cicadas were all soccer fans. Such was not the case. As you have probably also learned, that constant sound you heard was the vuvuzela, an obnoxious "instrument" designed to show support for your team, while forcing your opponent to schedule a hearing test after the match. Obnoxious though it may be, music can be found in many places including, apparently, the soccer pitch.  (I will avoid the many obvious jokes here.) One musician who attempts to integrate the vuvuzela into a classical music repertoire (in jest, of course) is trumpeter Alison Balsom. She tries her hand at the plastic instrument in this video - after a brief performance with her trumpet. Below is an attempt to bring the vuvuzela into the concert hall in Berlin, Germany. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wf2P8SnOwLo The only way one of those gets into a concert is with a ticket! While I am not advocating getting one for each of your kids or grandkids (unless you have problem neighbors) enduring long hours of practice by a budding young musician seems less painful after hearing one of these.