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Stars Born, Just Not the Same Way - New Role of Record Labels

You may remember a time in history when it seemed record companies ruled the musical world. Boxes and boxes of new releases would arrive at radio stations, making it feel like Christmas almost daily. Ah, fond memories. Today, artists with a recording contract are endangered species. But that doesn't mean record companies are done. As companies have merged, been bought, or simply closed up shop, artists have often found themselves hard-pressed to get their music heard. Some self-publish, others hire reps to promote and distribute. But for all of them, the web provides means to an end. Naive Records, and specifically Naive Classique, seems to have perfected the art of self-promotion, which adds another dimension to enjoying groups such as Concerto Italiano. As I searched for information on Concerto Italiano, I came across some of their videos. They go well beyond just providing an enjoyable performance to providing me with an understanding of what they're performing. It's educational (gasp!). When you have a moment, go to the Naive Classique channel on Youtube.  It's worth the trip!  Here's a little taste: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35EMJ8ZRPkw