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Ludwig van Beethoven Inspires High Fashion

When Beethoven haunted the Strasses and Gasses of Vienna, he did so half the time unkempt, disheveled and in clothes he had worn for probably a week or so. Reports indicate he also talked to himself, but that's a different blog post. Now "old and frumpy" is the new "new and chic." The results of the Boston Symphony Orchestra's Project Beethoven, a competition for fashion designs inspired by Beethoven's music, have redeemed the slovenly genius, placing him among the legions of aesthetically sensitive individuals whose art is so compelling that it doesn't matter they can't be bothered to put on matching socks. Maria Canada, a student at the Rhode Island School of Design, took first prize in Project Beethoven for her striking blood-red frock, complete with kerchief-like gathers at the neck and a black cape. Ashley Boiardi's knee-length, red-and-white cocktail dress took the Patron Favorite accolade. Come hither, indeed. Check out all the Project Beethoven designs here, and check out this little video about Project Beethoven: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gm7B2Ni5F5g