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Classical 101

"Small Music" List

Not long ago I started a list of "small music" -- musical works that are unusually short, written for unusually sparse instrumentation and/or on themes that suggest smallness rather than largeness. I know, it must have been a slow day. Anyway, I won't belabor you with the minutia (get it?) on my list. Suffice it to say, it contains, ironically, large quantities of the music of Anton Webern, whose atonal miniatures rank among the world's most efficient music; and some lovely pieces by other composers about small things like fleas, butterflies and the 60-second minute. But Classical 101's music director, Beverley Ervine, recently called my attention to a video that trumps everything on my little list. Meet North Korea's guitar virtuoso and kindergartener Kang Eunju: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njG_dQC-cnk Small and huge all at once, wouldn't you say?