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Not Your Mama's Flute Trio: PROJECT Trio Plays Columbus Dec. 12

If you think chamber music today is all about string quartets and piano trios, PROJECT Trio might make you think again. The musicians of New York-based PROJECT Trio -- beat-boxing flutist and YouTube sensation Greg Pattillo, cellist Eric Stephenson and double bassist Peter Seymour -- are changing the face of chamber music with performances of their homebrewed arrangements of music by composers from Bach to Jethro Tull. CityMusic Columbus presents PROJECT Trio 2 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 12 at The Bluestone (formerly the Bar of Modern Art) in a concert of music by Tchaikovsky, Brubeck, Prokofiev and PROJECT Trio members. So what's the big deal about PROJECT Trio? The millions of hits the group's YouTube videos have received suggest that their unorthodox arrangements of the classics and classic rock alike are reaching young, hip listeners with enviable success. Curious about the overwhelming success of the eclectic (some might say "oddball") combination of flute, cello and double bass, I spoke with PROJECT Trio last fall for a story for Chamber Music Columbus' e-newsletter, CMColumbusNow. Check out the group's fun and funky story. And in case you're curious about PROJECT Trio's wildly popular videos, here's one of the group performing  a Bach Bourree. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMxobGPj4V8 Takes the powder right out of your wig, doesn't it?