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Composer Eric Whitacre Recruits Virtual Choir

Can you sing?  Do you know how to post something to YouTube? Have you ever wanted to be in a choir? Well, if you answered yes to these questions, Eric Whitacre wants YOU. Composer Eric Whitacre is reprising his Lux Aurumque project from last year. A 185-voice 243-track virtual choir which he brought together and conducted electronically. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7o7BrlbaDs How do you top that?  How about a 900-voice virtual choir?  You can be a part of it, but time is running short...submissions must be in by the end of the month. A complete list of instructions can be found here.  You just choose for voice range, download the music, and follow the on-line instructions. Are you planning to participate? Leave a comment and let us know or if you do, e-mail me at boyce@wosu.org.