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Tango with Raul Jaurena and Carpe Diem String Quartet

Unless you happen to live in Buenos Aires, it's not every day a tango expert blows through town. The award-winning bandoneón virtuoso and composer Raúl Jaurena and Columbus' own Carpe Diem String Quartet dropped by WOSU studios for a chat and an impromptu concert. The spontaneous recital was a sneak peek at the opening performances of the quartet's third annual Seize the Music series at Harrison Park Community Center. And nobody talks tango better than Jaurena, who, since the age of eight, has played with tango bands all over South America and, quite literally, the rest of the world. He's an expert in the work of tango masters like Astor Piazzolla, with whom he has performed, and is the author of countless tangos of his own. His interpretations of the traditional and more recent tango repertory garnered a 2007 LATIN GRAMMY. Watch Jaurena's performance of Piazzolla's Adiós Nonino , recorded at the spur of the moment in the hiply-understated WOSU Radio master control studio; and hear what the quartet members have to say about learning tango music from a tango master: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=du0a-q-yfRY Buenísimo, no? Keep your eyes peeled for future online Cubicle Concerts from WOSU.