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Dancing Tchaikovsky

As a WOSU 89.7 listener you've almost certainly heard Tchaikovsky's music for his ballets The Nutcracker and Swan Lake on our air. Each ballet has a set of nationalistic dances which, though only vaguely related to the ballet's storyline, was designed to delight audiences with a touch of the exotic.  Smack dab in the middle of Swan Lake, Tchaikovsky gives us Spanish, Italian (Neapolitan), Hungarian and Polish dances, all with lovely, even catchy tunes that somehow conjure the image of colorful costumes in a blur of terpsichorean frenzy. In case you're now eager to see all that action, here's a video of the nationalistic dance sequence from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, performed by the Mariinsky Theatre ballet. Enjoy! [youtube DtHl9haujkQ 490 344] - Jennifer Hambrick