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Almost Forgotten Symphony from Paul Dukas

[video dead] Last time, I wrote about Vincent d'Indy and his Symphony on a French Mountain Air (Sept. 22), mentioning that another "one work composer" was Paul Dukas, famous for The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Well, today is Dukas' birthday. He was born on this date in 1865, and he lived until 1935. In addition to his well-loved symphonic poem, he wrote one symphony. His three-movement Symphony in C was very well received by Parisian audiences when it premiered in 1897 and was called "superlative." When Dukas studied at the Conservatoire he became friends with d'Indy and Debussy, and like them, he developed a style rich in subtle orchestral colors and textures. Paul Dukas' Symphony in C may be almost forgotten, but not completely. You can hear it this evening on WOSU on Symphony at 7. Here's a sampling: [youtube 490 344] --John Rittmeyer