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[caption id="attachment_14103" align="alignright" width="200" caption="Fiesta Plaza"][/caption] [VIDEO IS DEAD] Each day, as I prepare for my time on the air, quite a bit of research goes into finding out something beyond the stories many of us have heard time and again about our favorite composers and their music.  It can lead to some quite interesting discoveries.  Maybe you heard about the young lady who was so enraptured at the sight of Franz Liszt that she picked up one of his discarded cigar butts and wore it in a locket around her neck? Perhaps you've always wanted to ask a question about a piece of music, a composer, or life on the road, but figured if you wrote to someone, you'd be hearing from their publicist, if at all.  Not if you ask pianist Lars Vogt, who encourages questions and says he strives to answer each e-mail himself. One I'm going to explore further concerns El Salon Mexico by Aaron Copland.

[caption id="attachment_14105" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Paul Glickman & Tamarind King"]


[/caption] It seems Paul Glickman and Tamarind King were inspired to make an animated feature set to Copland's music.  It has garnered numerous awards, including Best of the Fest at the most recent Tiburon International Film Festival, as well as one of the "best films you've never seen" for 2010.  I have located the trailer, but now am on a quest to acquire the entire production.  You can see the trailer below, along with two other short animated features...The Calypso Singer by Mr. Glickman and A Fishy Tale by Ms. King.  I'll keep you posted on my hunt.  -- Boyce Lancaster [youtube nI1b8dh94C8]

[youtube 8PBO7YE7vjE]

[youtube a-zutMra8lk]