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The Other Renee Fleming


[VIDEO DEAD] Renee Fleming fills concert halls wherever she goes.  She is one of those musicians whose reputation and name recognition extends far beyond the opera world where her reputation was established. But just as professional golfers change their swing and pitchers learn new pitches, Renee Fleming is completely altering how she sings...forgetting everything she was taught...grabbing a hand mike and fronting a band. WHAT? Before you panic, Fleming is doing what others before her have done...she has begun to explore music beyond her comfort zone on her recording Dark Hope.  Think Yo Yo Ma learning to improvise with Bobby McFerrin or Pavarotti singing with numerous singers from pop and jazz. [youtube z96IUMFdSvc&] Her two teenage daughters have offered guidance and constructive criticism, lest they be embarrassed by Mom.  She must have met their standards, because they appear in the video Endlessly, along with Renee's sister Rachelle. [youtube YyceTZ2SJo8&feature] She spoke recently with Anthony Mason of CBS about stepping into a different musical world. --Boyce Lancaster [youtube BcblUuTzZQ0&feature]