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Burnin Keyboards


[caption id="attachment_13581" align="alignright" width="200" caption="Tony Monaco"][/caption] [video dead] No, I'm not advocating setting your Steinway ablaze.  Rather, I'm cautioning you against inviting Tony Monaco to play any keyboard in your home...piano, midi, or especially a Hammond B-3, if you have one sitting around.  Once his fingers hit the keys, anything flammable is in immediate danger. A Columbus, Ohio native, Tony can be heard regularly around town preaching the gospel of jazz.  Though he spent many years in the restaurant and food service business, (yes THAT Monaco's Palace), his first love was music.  Eventually, the call of jazz became too loud to ignore. It was a midnight call that then 13-year-old Tony received from Jimmy Smith, already a jazz legend himself, that really caused Tony's "jazz-gene" to fire. [caption id="attachment_13583" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Jimmy Smith"]


[/caption] Tony had sent some recordings of himself to Smith's California jazz club, prompting the call.  Apparently, Jimmy heard something in Tony's playing that he just had to encourage. Labor Day weekend will find Tony Monaco at the Vail Jazz Festival in Colorado, supporting the next generation of jazz players and lovers through the Vail Jazz Foundation.  If you see his name on a marquee, drop what you're doing and go inside...just make sure to take a fire extinguisher. -- Boyce Lancaster [youtube 8xVU_BLow5M&feature=fvw]