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Bad Boys, Bad Boys...Whatcha Gonna Do?


[caption id="attachment_13085" align="alignright" width="200" caption="Bryn Terfel"][/caption] [VIDEO IS DEAD] For many of us, the first thing Bad Boys brings to mind is the theme to the syndicated TV show 'Cops'.  Here's a refresher course on the theme.  Go ahead and click the link...I'll wait. Bryn Terfel has a slightly different take on being a Bad Boy.  No, I'm not here to dish dirt on Terfel.  Rather, he wants you to meet the many bad boys he has relished portraying over the years.  00000178-6a23-ddab-a97a-6a3b59cc0000Mephistopheles...Barnaba, from Ponchielli's La Gioconda...(Yes, there is something in there besides the Dance of the Hours)...the title character from Mozart's Don Giovanni and his sidekick Leporello...Sweeney Todd...Mack the Knife...you get the picture.  Terfel's voice lends itself perfectly to the dark side of human nature.  Bryn Terfel explains his fascination with these characters below.  Try to behave yourself while you listen. -- Boyce Lancaster [youtube QASrYGtAGXo]