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The Bassoon Brothers: The Clowns of the Orchestra

With April Fool's Day just around the corner, here's an ensemble guaranteed to bring some laughter into your day - The Bassoon Brothers. Their mission from their website:

"We have an ultimate mission to attract more players and interest in what is the most versatile and magnificent musical instrument - the bassoon and the family of 'oons. We wish for the public to quit calling it an oboe and through your help and our efforts we hope to accomplish this miracle.Although we don't always take ourselves seriously, the Bassoon Brothers do have a very serious mission: to prevent the extinction of this extremely versatile but endangered instrument and to encourage its performance by popularizing the bassoon through our music."

I couldn't agree more. Being a former bassoonist, I adored the instrument and still do. It has been called "the clown of the orchestra" and a "farting bedpost." To me it even resembles a bazooka a bit when you throw it over your shoulder. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrOa5dvp4RY