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Great Music Sites For Kids

NOT MUCH WORTH TALKING ABOUT IN THIS ONE. TRASH IT. As I prepare for my time on the air each morning, I do a lot of exploring for new and interesting information about the music we play on WOSU FM. Today I discovered a site that might be fun for you to explore with kids or grandkids, or even by yourself. Classicsforkids.com has games and other musically-related activities, a feature composer of the month, (Chopin is March's composer, since we celebrated his 200th birth anniversary March 1st), places to hear instruments of the orchestra, even a section  with helpful classroom materials.   No need to be a teacher to utilize this site, there is a parents section, so you can use it at home, too. For other music sites geared to youngsters, I suggest you visit marthabeesmusic.com where you'll find a great list. In an age that finds us struggling to provide the same musical opportunities in school for our children that we had growing up, it's good to know that there are sites like this which help us share our love of music with future generations. --Boyce Lancaster