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COPYRIGHTED PHOTOS - COLUMBUS DISPATCH - PLUS NADA ABOUT CLASSICAL MUSIC   [caption id="attachment_8869" align="alignright" width="150" caption="WOSU Patio"][/caption] Admit it. When we were in school, there was little more exciting than getting a snow day. We might have dodged a test, had another day to finish a project (fat chance!) or gotten a three-day weekend out of it. Some of us grabbed shovels and went around the neighborhood trying to make a few bucks shoveling driveways. However, enough is enough!  There's nowhere else to pile it, your car has been plowed in every night, and there's nowhere to hide from the kids.  One person I know braved the elements to get to work because one of his kids had six friends coming over...RUN! Anyway, here are a couple of things to help lighten the mood a little bit. First some pictures from around Columbus of what the artistic among us did with their snow (thanks to the Columbus Dispatch) and a little dancing music to listen to in your head next time the snow begins to fall. --Boyce Lancaster [youtube oz3wNCT4JAc]