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Freezin' For A Good Reason


ONE-OFF EVENT. TRASH IT.     Let me say right up front...I am not a golfer.  Oh, I have a set of clubs, two pairs of golf shoes, several gloves, clubs I set aside when I replaced them with better clubs that would improve my game, but I am STILL not a golfer.  However, I WILL go abuse a course now and then.  That said, I will head to Shamrock Golf Club in Powell OH with Ken Cookson from Kegler, Brown, Hill, & Ritter, also a member of the Friends Board of WOSU Public Media, this Saturday at 9am.  Why, you ask?  Well, we are playing in the 19th Annual Arctic Open, presented by Dublin AM Rotary.  It is an opportunity for you to have some fun, brag about how you're so tough you played golf in February (or moan that you are so bad, the only time they'll let you on a course is when it's closed).  There is great food, door prizes, a silent auction, and the good feeling that comes with helping others.  At the same time, you also will be supporting a number of charitable endeavors undertaken by Dublin AM Rotary: Miracle League, Dublin Veterans Project, Willow Ridge Equine Center, and many more.  there is still room if you'd like to play.  Individuals, twosomes, however many craz...errr... players you can bring, we'd love to have you join us this Saturday! -- Boyce Lancaster