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Indiana University Streams - and Blogs! - Opera Tonight

ONE-OFF EVENT. TRASH IT.     In case you were wondering what to do tonight, or in case you're too scared to venture forth into the world on the evening Friday the 13th, or in case you just need another opera-via-technology fix, I've got just the thing for you! Tonight at 8 p.m. the Opera Theater of Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music will stream its brand-new production of Mozart's The Magic Flute.  According to Philip Ponella, director of Indiana University's William and Gayle Cook Music Library, you need have only a relatively recent computer and standard broadband connection to tap in.  To test your computer's capabilities and to tune in to the opera tonight, click here: http://music.indiana.edu/iumusiclive/streaming/


But wait!  There's more.  While tonight's performance of The Magic Flute will not be the first opera production IU has streamed, it will be the university's first streamed opera production to be annotated in real time.  Two Indiana University musicology doctoral students will blog along with the stream, "providing commentary and information on the opera," Ponella wrote in an e-mail mesage.


Is this the operatic equivalent of MTV Pop-Up Videos?  Is this just another gimmick  to get classical music and information about it before real people who may perceive it to be too stuffy for the hipness of cyberspace?  The real question is: Who cares?  If people watch the stream and read the blog posts, that means technology is bringing people to opera.  And isn't that good news!




--Jennifer Hambrick