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500-Year-Old Musical Mystery Solved

TURNED INTO A DRAFT BECAUSE THERE'S NOTHING OF SUBSTANCE IN THE POST. What does generating power from cow manure have to do with music? Well, I have a Vermont dairy farmer and an Ohio University professor to thank for a great discovery. As I was watching a video about generating electricity from methane gas being captured on a Vermont dairy farm, (thanks to an alert OU professor), I noticed that in the video queue listed below was a news story about solving a 500-year-old musical mystery. My curiosity aroused, I clicked on the story (only after learning how much Vermont cattle contribute to the local t-shirt industry - you'll just have to watch the video).  It seems we may all want to study a little more closely the visual treasures we see in historical settings. There just might be some music hidden in plain sight! When you see something like this, you have to wonder how many more similar treasures are waiting to be uncovered.  Start digging!