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PROJECT Trio Blurs the Lines of Classical Music

I remember as a kid always trying new things (or at least things I THOUGHT were new) on the various instruments I played, even if Led Zeppelin didn't exactly translate well to the clarinet.  It might not have made my folks or my teacher very happy, but it DID get me to pick up my instrument. Greg Pattillo is a flute player in New York City who, with friends Eric Stephensen and Peter Seymour, has formed a group they call PROJECT Trio. According to Pattillo, the band's purpose is "blurring the lines of Classical music."  Mission accomplished.  Performing everything from Tchaikovsky and Bach to PBS themes (Sesame Street) and video game music (Super Mario Brothers), the PROJECT Trio is, if nothing else, a fun diversion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cf6tuisazQA