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Placido Flamingo Sings Like His Namesake

It's all Meryl Streep's fault. Truly it is. If she hadn't had a birthday last month, I wouldn't have come across a reference to her having a Muppet inspired by her, named Meryl Sheep!  Streep -Sheep. Get it? You would have to be a household name in order for the joke to work. Immediately I wondered who else has had this "honor." Many, it turns out, including Placido Domingo as Placido Flamingo! Placido Flamingo has appeared in many episodes, singing new lyrics to well-known classical melodies. I've selected one video to start you on your road of discovery. Perhaps you know a child or two who'd enjoy watching along. Oh, should you be wondering, tenor Richard Hunt sang the role. According to a message left by one video watcher, Placido Flamingo was retired when Richard Hunt died. Fortunately for us, Placido Domingo is still singing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1PapN10FUE